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Welcome to This site is brought to you by the two members of the Waste of Paint production team. Our goal is to provide a space for artists, such as ourselves, to organize, create, and share their work. We are currently working on our first book Leading to Nothing.

Leading To Nothing is a Sci-Fi graphic novel set 60 years in the future in a world of corporate dystopia and the struggling alternatives to it. Can our species put aside our ancient differences and survive or will we stubbornly cling to old conflicts and fade from existence?

The story is one about us. All of us, the species Homo sapiens and our seeming obsession with self destruction. The same tendency towards self destruction seen in nature and the universe. As if we are possessed by something unknown even to ourselves, forces beyond our control raging inside each of us.


Edging Towards Chaos

Awhile ago I wrote on the inability of the MSM to accurately report our ill-fated war on terror. Specifically referenced was an article in which Pakistani military forces were claiming a tactical victory against Taliban insurgents in the Swat valley region of Pakistan. My premise was that no victory was truly won and that the more likely scenario was that the insurgents simply left the area ahead of the assault. That was in the end of May. It's now October and Yahoo! news has justified my conclusions when this happened, "Gunmen, bombs hit 5 sites in Pakistan, 39 die."

No One Learns

Via McClatchy

Obama's Afghan adventure is already stumbling. The gist of the article is that the Taliban have largely fled from our forces, in classic guerilla fashion, before and during the recent push to clear and hold Helmand province. Some choice quotes,

Oh News Media...

Oh mainstream media, your inability to properly report the news never ceases to amaze me.

"Pakistani forces claim advance in Swat valley"

Don't Look

Don't look, America!
The wolves lay dead in foreign streets!

Don't look, America!
You'll see the deer that have been rotting for weeks!

Don't look! Turn away!
We are the Americans, and we bring Democracy!

Don't look! Run away!
Fast behind us follows a ghastly legacy!

Bury your children
before a JDAM levels your home!

Kill all the men
lest tortured tactics burn them to the bone!

Drown all the women
so we won't see the tears!

But most importantly, America,
don't look! DON'T LOOK!

It will only confirm
the worst of our fears!


How exactly was it decided that placing a mere 160,000 soldiers in Iraq was going to improve the lives of 24 million Iraqis? The two numbers simply do not add up. For all the good that we actually do accomplish in the host nation it simply is not, and never will be, enough. The civilian head of our military (at the time it was Donald Rumsfeld) was clearly off in La-La land and never should have had the job. He wrecked the military and ran, just like Bush wrecked the economy and ran.

Learning to Use Blender

I'm currently teaching myself how to use the free and open-source 3D modeling program Blender.

Just a few thoughts on the process so far:

We Are Witnessing the Fall of Rome

This is increasingly the conclusion I come to when considering the current state of both American and world affairs. Everywhere you look the forces of disorder find themselves increasingly triumphant over the forces of order. The forces of order, the Nation-States, doom being that of their own hubris.

Brave New World

Brave New World is the title I have given to the newest piece of art I have produced. Typically, I imagine, one would read it as a reference to the novel of the same name written by Aldous Huxley in 1931. That would only partially be true.